Thursday, April 29, 2010

Guest post -Pam from

Hey all!
Like I said in my Blog-O-Versary post, I have a few guest posts lined up to share with you all, Today I bring to Pam from, who's going to share her thoughts on a few questions I asked her about The Vampire Daires- the TV show, not the books!

Is Damon really the bad guy he is perceived to be?
In a way, Damon seems to be learning to have more human feelings againafter a long time of living on his predator instincts. I think we will seeDamon evolve overtime into a more human conscious vampire. Will he be likeStefan? Well no, I don't think we will ever convince Damon that rabbit isthe other white meat.

WILL Jeremy become a vampire?
I really think he will decide against it at the last possible minute.

How will he adjust to it?
Assuming I am wrong and he does turn. I think Jeremy will have a hard timeadjusting to the lifestyle that most vampire lead. We can only hope Stefancan guide him.

Will he be a good one? Or a Bad one?
I really don't foresee Jeremy going all Dracula on us. I think if anythinghe will be a poorer excuse for a vampire than Stefan is. Am I the only onewaiting for Stefan to sparkle?

Chime in and let me know what your thoughts are!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interview with Kay Cassidy

Kay Cassidy is the author of teen fiction she wishes was based on her real life. She is the founder of the national Great Scavenger Hunt ContestTM reading program for kids and teens and the host of the inspirational Living Your FiveTM web project. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, movies, music, and reading. Lots and lots of reading. She hopes her debut YA novel, THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY (April 13, 2010 - Egmont), will help girls embrace their inner Cindy.

The Cinderella Society (Synopsis):

What a girl to do when the glass slipper fits, but she doesn't want to wear it anymore?
Sixteen year old Jess Parker has always been an outsider. So when she receives an invitation to join The Cinderella Society, a secret society of the most popular girls in school, it's like something out of a fairy tale. Swept up by the Cindys' magical world of makeovers, and catching the eye of her Prince Charming, Jess feels like she's finally found her chance to fit in.

Then the Wickeds--led by Jess's arch-enemy--begin targeting innocent girls in their war against the Cindys, and Jess discovers there's more to being a Cindy than reinventing yourself on the outside. She has unknowingly become part of a centuries-old battle of good vs. evil, and now the Cindys in charge need Jess for a mission that could change everything.

Overwhelmed, Jess wonders if The Cinderella Society made a mistake in choosing her. Is it a coincidence her new boyfriend doesn't want to be seen with her in public? And is this glamorous, secret life even what she wants, or will she risk her own happy ending to live up to the expectations of her new sisters?

Mitali: You’re all about Girl Power. That’s understandable in this age. Your book has a lot in the way of boosting a girl’s morale. Why is that? Were you always sure that was the message you wanted to get across?
Kay: Absolutely. I'm a huge believer in girl empowerment (and boy empowerment too!). I was a leadership development specialist in my corporate life and am especially passionate about it when it comes to developing the next generation of leaders. The idea of a society dedicated to nurturing the next generation of female movers and shakers is one that is very close to my heart. It was so much fun bringing that to life!

Mitali: Tell me who some of your role models are. And how they’ve affected you and your thoughts and beliefs.
Kay: My mom is one of my biggest role models. She has a form of cancer that is treatable but not curable, so it's sometimes a roller coaster for her going into and coming out of remission. But she has the most amazing attitude – it's so inspiring. The Cinderella Society is dedicated to her. She is 100% Cindy.
Celebrity-wise, some of my role models are:

  • Oprah Winfrey - Wildly successful because she stays true to herself and helps other people find their joy. Gives back in so many ways.
  • Daryn Kagan - After being let go by CNN, the fabulous former anchorwoman devoted her career to sharing uplifting stories showing "What's Possible".
  • Reese Witherspoon - Able to juggle a successful career and a family while being a positive role model for girls.
  • Carrie Underwood - Amazingly talented and remarkably down to earth despite her meteoric rise to fame.
Mitali: Who would be your ideal Jess Parker?
Kay: I often do a collage of photos to get a visual image of what my characters look like. But I've never found the perfect Jess. If the book had come out five years ago, I think Danielle Panabaker would've been a brilliant Jess. But alas, we all get older as years go by. :-)

Mitali: The chemistry between Ryan Steele and Jess is off the charts. There is a certain conversation on pg 171-173 that is so hot it can burn a hole in the book. What was it like writing that particular scene?
Kay: Ahh… the IM session? That's a fun one. :-) I actually had a good time writing all of the Jess and Ryan scenes. Their chemistry was one of the things that really resonated with me because it's part attraction, part connection that's both scary and wonderful, and part insecurity because they don't know what to do with this newfound wonder.

Mitali: Where do you like writing outside of your office?
Kay: I have a couple of favorite locations. When I'm brainstorming and the weather is nice, I love to bring my plotting worksheets and a notebook out to our screened porch. I've come up with a lot of memorable ideas on that screened porch. Now that I have a fab new recliner in my office, that'll be my go-to place for brainstorming when the screened porch isn't an option. When I'm writing, it's almost always at my desk in my office. I need that focus for first drafting. When I do the full read-through of the paper version, it's always in my recliner with a colored pen handy. And when I proof, it's at my desk. I actually have to touch each word as I read because I'm famous for skipping words like the and for and when. Words that leave you going "Wait, wha?" when they're missing. :-)

Mitali: How’s the new desk working out for you?
Kay: Lovie McLovesalot! I need to finish organizing some of the last bits so I can take pictures and blog about it. But I absolutely adore the space the U-shaped desk offers. Everything is right where I am, so no more commuting back and forth between my computer desk and my executive desk on the other side of the room. LOVE. Plus, it freed up room for me to buy a new recliner for the office so it's fully self-contained now. Score!

Thank you Kay for answering my questions! I loved The Cinderella Society. It has such a powerful uplifiting message that not jsut girls but also boys can take in!

Watch out for my review!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

1 year Blog-O-Versary!

A year ago today, I promised myself that this blog was a medium for me to share my love of reading with others. Alley of Books would be a place where I could voice my thoughts and opinions and feelings and connect with others who felt the same or differently and have 'healthy' conversations about it.

Although I may not have achieved all of what I was aiming for, I have along the way acquired some wonderful friends, made some life-long connections, read FANTABULOUS books and most of all enjoyed every moment of it. But somewhere along the way, I left you out.
This year, I promise you dear readers, to not leave you out. This year shall be more interactive.
I've found a couple of you who love reading and writing as well. A couple of you who are at the moment underage, or do not have parental permission to blog. Well, fear not, I will feature your thoughts on the books that you have enjoyed, right here on the blog!

But, on the topic of my blog-o-versary, there are some people I'd like to thank. I'm going to quickly list . And I want you to know that I'd like to thank ALL OF YOU as well for reading my blog (as far and few between the posts are).
Here we go: (In NO particular order)

· Gayle Forman
· Susane Colasanti
· Coe Booth
· David Levithan
· Khyrinthia (The Frenetic Reader)
· Khy’s Mom
· Michelle Zink
· Devyn Burton
· Zoe (Zoe’s Book Reviews)
· Heidi R. Kling
· Mitali Perkins
· Neesha Meminger
· Sharon Loves Book and Cats
· Vania (Reverie Book Reviews)
· Elyse Marshall
· Adele (Persnickety Snark)
· Suzanne Young
· Marie (NYPL Librarian/ Cupcake Witch)
· Trish Doller
· Courtney Sheinmel
· Sarah (Sarah’s Random Musings)
· Emilee (Penultimate Page)
· Korianne Wey
· Kami Garcia
· Kristi (The Story Siren)
· Margaret Stohl
· Ellen Hopkins
· Josh Berk
· Jenn Hubbard
· Lenore (Presenting Lenore)
· Steph (Reviewer X)
· Alea (Popculture Junkie)

I'm so sure there are tons of people Ihave to thank but I can't remember at the moment! like I'm sure you've had enough of my ramblings! I will be back tomorrow with a series of guest posts that some wonderful librarian/blogger friends have written!

Thank you so much for sticking with me!

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Teen Author Carnival

Hey all!

I'm not sure if you know about the Teen Author Carnival or not, but TAC is an event that Devyn Burton of Five Awesome YA Fans, Korianne Wey of Korianne Speaks, and I came up with last year prior to BEA.

It started with a conversation Devyn and I had via Skype which went something like this:

Devyn: We should meet with some authors for drinks. What would be a good place to meet?
Me: Um, do I need to remind you that we're just 18 and no bar is going to let us in?
Devyn: Mitali, I'm DEVYN BURTON.
(As if that was reason enough. Which is true. There is none other like Devyn Burton! I <3>
Me: How about we do something else? Meet up somewhere else?
Devyn: Like where?
Me: How should I know?
Devyn: Well you're the one who goes to NYC all the time!
(As if that automatically equates to me knowing where all the hotspots to host events are!)

And that is how we ended up at the beautiful Jefferson Market Library of the NYPL with the wonderful librarians Marie and Frank to help us! They gave us a wonderful room where David Levithan hosts the Teen Author Reading Night once a month, free reign to do whatever chose our fancy.
How we ended up with over 30 authors, I know not. What happened that night? I remember not. (It was all the excitement that did it, I promise!)
However, here we are in April of 2010, BEA upon our heads in less than a month and guest what else?

YES! The Second Annual Teen Author Carnival! Details on that coming soon!

Are you going to BEA? Are you excited for it? Are you excited for NYC? Are you excited to meet all your blogger friends?

Are you excited for the Teen Author Carnival?

Let me know!

Until next time,