Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Book Review - The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

I, Penny Lane Bloom, do solemnly swear to never date another boy for as long as I shall live. All right, maybe I’ll reconsider it in ten years or so when I’m no longer living in Parkview, Illinois, or attending McKinley High School, but for now I’m done with guys.
They’re all lying, cheating scum of the earth.Yes, every last one of them. Pure evil.
Sure, there are some that seem nice, but the second they get what they want, they’ll dump you and move onto their next target.
So I’m done.
No more dating.
The end.

Love is all you need…or is it?

Penny is sick of boys and sick of dating, so she vows: No more. She’s had one too many bad dates, and has been hurt by one too many bad boys. It’s a personal choice…and soon everybody wants to know about it. It seems that Penny’s not the only girl who’s tired of the way girls change themselves (most of the time for the worse) in order to get their guys…or the way their guys don’t really care about them.

Girls are soon thronging to The Lonely Hearts Club (named after Sgt. Pepper’s band), and Penny finds herself near legendary for her non-dating ways – which is too bad, since the leader of The Lonely Hearts Club has found a certain boy she can’t help but like…

Elizabeth Eulberg was born and raised in Wisconsin before heading off to Syracuse University and then making a career in the New York City book biz. She lives outside of Manhattan with her three guitars, two keyboards, and one drumstick. In researching The Lonely Hearts Club, she tried swearing off boys forever. It didn’t work.

I received this book for review from my contact as she thought I would like it since it fit my tastes. The title threw me off for a bit, but when I picked up the book I actually liked the premise. As I proceeded to read the book knowing it was the author’s debut book I was quite surprised at how good she was.

I guess its confession time.

I have never heard the Beatles. I know that might be perceived as a sin in many of your eyes. I intend to remedy that right away.

Oh here:

Situation remedied.

I’m listening to it now! Oh wow! I actually like the song! :D

Getting back to the book! I did enjoy it quite a bit. Filled with references to The Beatles and trivia related to them, The Lonely Hearts Club, is a refreshing novel about a girl – Penny Lane (obviously named after a Beatles song), who after being dumped by the boy she thought she loved for so many years takes the initiative of getting together girls suffering through the same, and forms a club where the girls form a bond. A sisterhood of sorts. The only catch. Once you’re in it you can’t date a boy. Not for life. Only for the remainder of your high school years.

Ahh, but as they say, ‘when God closes one door, he opens another window.’

As soon as Penny is out of one relationship, Ryan, her good friend starts acting weirdly around her. She is confused by all that is going on and the Club is getting out of hand as all the girls flock to join it. Let’s face it; we have all at some point faced the same rejection that Penny and her friends have. It hurts and honestly if you don’t have your friends to help you get through that time you’re stuck. Everything looks pretty bleak.

Ms. Eulberg’s debut novel, filled with humour and quirks, is a read that every girl needs when she is in search of a pick-me-up after being let down. I love Penny’s voice and that fact that she wasn’t scared to stand up for her ideals. Ms. Eulberg provides teen girls with what they exactly need. Someone they can look upto and want to emulate when the time comes for them to take a stand.

Overall a delightful read! Congrats on a job well done Ms. Eulberg!

Read the back story here and visit here website here to learn more about the book and Ms. Eulberg herself!

Happy Release Day!

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  1. Mitali! Lovely review! I want to read this book so much! Not only does it sound amazing, but it has to do with the Beatles... who I LOVE. And... David Levithan edited it, which makes it amazing! Can't wait to get my hands on this!

  2. Great review, i cant wait to read this book. I just bought it a couple of days ago! :)

    but you've seriously never heard of the Beatles, there is something wrong with that statement! Haha, I'll have to tell you all the good ones by them you should listen to! :)

  3. This book sounds like such a good read!! and the whole "beatles" thing?? Mitali where have you been for the past like 50 years?? they are like a musical phenomenon and took the world by storm and you never heard them??? are you living under a rock??

  4. i cant wait to read this book. I just bought it a couple of days ago

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