Thursday, August 13, 2009

Something of My Own

I've been thinking of doing this for a while and finally I've decided to post something of my own.
Please let me know what you think of it!
(Of course there's a back story to this too!)

Hey Radcliffe! How do I figure you out?

Hey Radcliffe! How do I figure you out?

You sit not five feet from me,
I hear you talk,
I hear you breathe.
The atmosphere is dense,
Not a sound to mar the silence.
I peek a glance,
I look away.
But that one look,
Stays ingrained.

At times,
You seem’d interested,
At times,
You look’d disinterested.
At times,
You’d pretend ignorance,
At times,
You’d fake concern.

Hey Radcliffe! How do I figure you out?

Gave me your number;
“Call me”, was all you said.
Gave me a smile;
Melted my heart-
Took my breath captive.
Look’d into my eyes;
Show’d me yours – fathomless.
I lost myself in their abyss,
Forgot everything that mattered,
Remember’d only you.

Hey Radcliffe! How do I figure you out?



  1. Nope.
    I wrote the poem.
    So you like the photo and not the poem? LOL ;-)

  2. I really like the picture.

    Realy great poem as well!

  3. I like the poem! I especially like the repetition of "Hey Radcliffe! How do I figure you out?" It's like the whole poem is about what a hold he has on her, but she's not just going to roll over and take it.

    And this line is great: "Took my breath captive"

    Brave girl, posting poetry! I did that once or twice in the past and it's skeery.

  4. This is amazing. You know I love poetry & it is so hard to put yourself out there. I hope there will be more! And I love the photo!

  5. I like the picture and the poem. "Melted my heart- Took my breath captive". I loved that line.

  6. Lovely poem. Beautifully written.
    You are brave. I would never be able to post poetry.

  7. You have an award waiting for you at my blog. Second post down. And after checking out your page, I see a desperate need for a HOLLOW widget. :(

    Rad pic BTW (no pun intended, I'm loving it.)