Sunday, August 2, 2009

Prophecy Launch! Post#2

We all saw Vania's amazing post yesterday! Today is Devyn's turn.
I dont really think they are going to leave anything for me to say by the end of this month!
"Michelle Zink, MZ, M, Mama Zink, whatever you call her there is no doubt that she has become a friend to all of us. It's hard to write a blog about someone that has influenced me so much, in such a short time.

Because in all honesty I've known Michelle for a short period of time but in that time she has helped me find and capture my own dreams, make them a reality and pushed me over that last hump of the writing battle known as a finished rough draft.

I've got to see into Michelle's life to know that she loves her family and friends unconditionally and when one of them is hurt, she hurts. She has such a love for what she does. Yes many authors try to stay hip and talk to all of the kids on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

But with Michelle you know you are receiving a genuine thought out message when she responds. Not something fabricated to appease the higher names—she responds as a friend. She is the type of role model I'm glad to have. The type of role model teens today need.

I hope you see these blogs for what they are,the truth. I've had the chance to read Prophecy of The Sisters, it's an amazing book—however what really sells me on a book is the author. If you have not had that chance to talk to Michelle personally I encourage you to contact her—I don't think you will be disappointed.

Happy Release MamaZ."

Devyn and Vania tell it like it is!
It is the truth Michelle is really just that awesome. And I second Devyn's statement that if you havent contacted her you defnitely should!
She is impeccable like that. She always replies!

MZ: This is just one more testament to how awesome you are!
Congratulations on the success of the awesome Total Chaos Party on Twitter for the Release of Prophecy!

Hope you enjoyed it and are deliriously happy that your baby is finally "out there" for everyone to lve and admire it as Devyn, Vania, I and countless other bloggers, librarians, and your fellow authors have.



  1. Once again. Everything that Vania, You, and now Devyn have said is true. I have had the pleasure of tweet-talking to Michelle. She is a very nice person.

  2. You GUYS!!! You're making me all teary and stuff!

    I love you all SO much! This just means the world to me...