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Locker Shock by Pam Ripling

Locker Shock by Pam Ripling


What would you do if you found something
deadly in your school locker and you suspected a friend of stashing it there?

Benjamin Mitchell thinks life really sucks when he nearly fails his history test. What's more, he's trying to get on the Midland Racers hockey team

as a replacement goal tender. His buddies, Zach and Frasier are as different as

night and day, and Ben feels like salt-water taffy, stretched thinner and thinner as the boys battle for his attention. And as if things couldn't

get any worse, Valerie has suddenly started acting like a girl. The pressure is on.

But Ben has bigger problems and it looks like somebody is out to set him up. Can he find out before it's too late?

Pam Ripling:

“Pam Ripling didn't know what she was getting into when she decided she wanted to be published. A business owner, wife and mother, Pam dove headlong into electronic publishing when it became apparent that this, at last, was her ticket to stardom and notoriety. With a few romance novels already under her proverbial belt, LOCKER SHOCK! is her first venture into the Middle Grade/Young Adult genre. Fueled by her two teenage sons' experiences in junior high, Pam has created several stories portraying life as a young teen in today's uniquely challenging times. She hopes LOCKER SHOCK! is the first of many.”


High school is a very demanding time in a person's life. It is not easy for anyone. None of the children belonging to any clique have it easy. The nerds will always be teased about being nerds, the jocks will always be accused of being just that, the blond cheerleader will still be stereotyped as being dumb, and the cool kids will still have to do drugs to stay "cool".

Locker Shock is an honest story of Ben Mitchell who is an over-all good guy, a student who wants to do the right thing by going to class on time and hang out with all his friends keeping them all satisfied and make the hockey team so he can be great at something. Well written with a good plot line Locker Shock weaves a story where the protag Ben, has to make some difficult choices regarding his friends, whether his reporting something unusual would mean "betraying"a good friend.

Ben is a well rounded character, with emotions that are palatable. The transition from middle school to high school, when not just a small gesture such as kissing a parent goodbye becomes uncool but also being seen with them for a longer amount of time then necessary does too.

Loyalty is one of the things Ben is big on. He is conflicted by emotions when he discovers the item in his locker and also when he finds out his friend is being abused by her father.

But he keeps it to himself as he doesn't think talking about it with anyone else before talking to his friends will do him any good.

Over the span of 100 pages, Ms. Ripling covers some of the most important issues facing a young adolescent today, peer pressure, and the troubles of transition.

Locker Shock was written for hi/lo kids – those reluctant kids wanting age-appropriate stories/high interest level who have lower reading skills. Kids whose friends are already reading Harry Potter or Tolkien, but they just aren’t there yet. Also for parents wanting books that contain no sex, drugs, “language” or assault on authority. Some may call these aspects unrealistic, but I have had countless adults and children (confessionally!) tell me they prefer a return to “safe” books. So something to keep in mind about this the first in a series of

Follow up book is in first edits, titled OLD ENOUGH, about the same group of kids who are now a year older and dealing with diversity (and an earthquake!) affecting their school. Look for OLD ENOUGH in the spring, also from Quake Press.

You should all read Locker Shock by Pam Ripling!

You can order it here from Amazon. Or here from the publisher's website.



  1. Excellent review! I know some people who would be into this type of book.

    Great seeing you yesterday, btw!

  2. Wonderful review! I've had the chance to read Locker Shock! and it really is a great book!


  3. Thanks, guys, for the great comments. Always nice to hear. Librarians should note that the publisher offers a 45% discount on purchases of this book! Just FYI...


  4. Sounds like a good start to a series....Excellent review! :-D

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