Saturday, August 8, 2009

Prophecy Launch Post #3

Last weekend we saw Vania and Devyn give their two cents about Michelle.

Today is Adele's turn to shed light on some elements in Prophecy.

Instead of presenting a gush-filled post about the joys of Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters, I thought I would discuss three of the elements that really intrigued me in the novel. Kindly, Mitali has given me free reign, so strap on for the ride and let's hope she doesn't regret it.

1. Freaky twins

No I am not talking about double Lindsay Lohan action in The Parent Trap, though I would argue that is particularly freaky. There is something about twins that intrigues us all. Why? Throughout history we've been entranced by two people looking exactly the same, hence the flow on effect with doppelganger theories and recently, cloning. Way back in the day the Romans would tell stories of Romulus and Remus, theNormans had Freyr and Freyja (see that did that annoyinglysimilar naming crap back in ancient history too) and the Greeks have Helen and Clytemnestra. But I would argue that it's the physical link that bewilders us but it's the 'other'connection that intrigues us. Life is all about making connections to places, people and things and yet twins have an immediate connection, tethered to one another from the womb. It may or may not be one of like or love, but the strength ofthat connection is fascinating.

Add a family prophecy passed through a whole line of twins and you're in book bliss. Prophecy of the Sisters twins, Lia and Alice are fascinating as they aren't the twins that do everything together. They aren't the loving and understanding twins that Disney and the Olsens beat us over the head with. They don't understand or particularly like one another but in many ways they are extremely loyal to their sister. They are linked by blood and by prophecy but they aren't in any other way. They stand on either side of the coin and yet they are still joined. It's this complexity that drives the story and holds me in its grip.

2. I am woman. Hear me roar.

Strong females are often equated with kick-ass females. It's definitely one element of it, but I often think that authors need to look outside of physical manifestations of strength. Lia is strong but she's not particularly gifted in the pectoral region. She's strong because of her faith, her conviction and her familial ties. She is strong as many generations of prophecy-afflicted women in her family have been. In fact, this entire book is rife with woman and girls who are strong in different ways. Whether they are more evilly inclined or not, they are all steadfast in their beliefs. They are self-sacrificing in both life and circumstance to save the world and their family, which is the epitome of strength. The protagonist, Lia, demonstrates her own tenacity in her continued attempts to save and/or stop her twin time and time again. Their connection making her both strong and vulnerable. It's this tiptoeing contrast that makes this far from literary drek.

3. Romance Schmonance

I love a great smooch, snarky repartee, URST and all those other 'musts' in romance-ville. I will not deny it. However, the relationship between James and Lia is an interesting one. It deviates. It's a relationship that fails to adhere to the norms of YA. He's in the background. He's important but not overly so. For Michelle Zink, it's not about the romantic lead swooping in, saving the day and patting his girlfriend on the butt as his chest swells with pride. Nope, James is peripheral. Lia loves him, Lia would like to marry him but he's not the most important part of her life. He's something that's put on the backburner when her father passes away and her sister'sdemonstrates sociopathic tendencies. This is realism people...the boy is not always number one (as much as he'd like to be, he's not.)

I hope to have presented you with three reasons why Prophecy of the Sisters is a must read. It's far from clich├ęd, mindless, tokenistic girl-power rah rah romps. It's the real deal. There's depth, there's realism, there's love (in all it's forms) and most importantly it's about two freaky twins, a genealogy of prophesied woman and the tussle for the world's survival. Join the party, read the book and see how real, strong woman might save the day!

Congratulations on the release of your debut novel, Michelle. Thank you for providing an enormously rich world in which I can lose myself in such multi-faceted characters, complex mythology and dire circumstances. Hurry up with the next one!

Thank you Adele for the wonderful words and I couldn't agree more that Michelle needs to hurry up with the next one! ;-)

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  1. I'm definitely on the lookout for Prophecy of the Sisters. It sounds really good. I'm really excited that the romance is not in the front. I've been reading a bit too many books like that lately.

  2. I agree with this whole post! Yay for mzink!

  3. ADELE!!!

    I don't know what to say except this is me, dumbass, thanking you, Goddess of Review Blogging, for being the epitomy of awesomeness and making my night.