Saturday, May 9, 2009

The beginning- In which I reveal my lucky charm!

I thought I'd go a little off track and write a little about this short story I read a while back.
It made me smile..and Im sure it will  make you smile too.
Although the writer wont be too pleased at first, but after a while he'll come to his senses.
And I am hoping that he'll turn out to be my lucky charm!

Here's the story ...

What's luck got to do with it??

Lady luck is blue. 

Actually she's
Caucasian (I believe that is the racially correct term), but she is feeling glum. It turns out that her luck has deserted her. It has been so for the past week or so and she decides that she must do something about it. Slowly, she gets up from bed, dreading the day ahead and the promises of drudgery it brings. A snap of her fingers and she feels fresh. At least physically. The cobwebs of the mind still cling resolutely and refuse to be dusted away. 

Lady luck has run out of..luck..(it is generally bad practice to use a word; not counting articles,pronouns,
modular's and conjunctions; twice in the same sentence, you know). And for the immortals, luck is a big thing.

She cannot remember when exactly things began to go wrong. It was sometime during her brief affair with Cupid. The relationship was a disaster from the onset and Lady Luck can only blame herself for falling for the capricious God of Love. 

She leaves her abode on the 13
th level of the nimbus cloud and descends towards the realm of the Humans. Almost immediately she is drawn to the hospital. She floats into the children's ward where newborns are brought for care everyday. She likes it here. Little symbols of Hope (her first cousin), she often smiles upon the babes she is most drawn to; and the smile of Lady Luck can do wonders for you.
It can turn your day around, get you that new job you've been on the look-out for, help you find that ring you misplaced, help you remember that crucial answer in the exam.

She wanders the Earth, distantly
pre-occupied, deigning to smile only when shaken from her reverie. Often she sees Cupid, flitting around, with the little Love-Gun of his. She remembers the day she'd put blanks in the gun. He'd shot and stunned around a hundred people before realising it wasn't working. Actually he'd shot Giselle Bundchen, trying to get her to fall for him, when he raised a real welt on her butt. Sachin Tendulkar had been very angry. (Sachin has since long replaced God. Everytime a kid in India holds up a placard saying "Cricket is my religion, Sachin is my God", God's power decreases and Sachin's increases. God, presently, is now spot boy on the sets of Sachin's commercials). He had threatened to impose gun control laws, but everyone knows that is just bullshit. 

Stupid Cupid, she says to herself. An extremely retarded fellow. He'd told her he'd fallen for her, which she now believes were just lies to get her to go to bed with him. And later after he was through, he'd dumped her and gone around, spreading rumors of her promiscuity. She'd found out he'd been calling her names, some as unsavory as Lady...She swerves as a flock of birds comes out of the sunlight, nearly putting her off-balance in her flight. Stupid birds, she thinks uncharitably.

Thinking of stupid, her thoughts presently return to Cupid. The number of times he'd shot himself accidentally with his own gun. And a lot of shit that had gotten him into. Which was why after a while he was advised to keep a supply of The Bottled Bad Breath of Davy Jones to bring him out of the swoon. 

Stupid Cu..She stops with a start. Why hasn't she seen it before!!?? The answer has been before her all the time. She could have turned her luck a long time ago if she had only been smart enough. 

She turns and dashes to her abode. People, roads, cars go by as she races, her tresses wildly trailing. A cute girl with glasses, short hair, heading to her classes comes across her path. Lady Luck is annoyed but holds her Frown, thinking the girl probably could use a bit of luck. She pauses to smile at her, but the girl is not looking. 

She resumes her flight, her mind whirring with the possibilities. Will it work? She reasons that her logic is sound. It has happened to Cupid too, hasn't it? 

She flings the door open. Her breath comes in rapid gasps. She rushes to her room and comes to a halt in front of the mirror. She looks at herself in the glass...

And smiles...

For everyone who doesn't understand all the terms...
Here's a gloassary:
Sachin Tendulkar: Famous Indian Cricketer, adored by the writer of this short story.

This story made me laugh.Hysterically.The bit about Cupid was really funny. If you know the writer like I do, you'd know that he's exteremly sarcastic and has a caustic sense of humor.
Which is clearly reflected in his writing. 
I thought to share this with you all so you could have a laugh like I did over the desciption of Cupid which was unlike what an eternal romantic like me would describe him as.
Lady Luck and Cupid almost seem human to me. The situation is so earthly that the plot being staged around heavenly beings almsot seems surreal.

If you want to give a shout out to the writer and check out some of his other short stories, go over to this blog 
 The author shall comment when his internet cooperates. And let me know if he never does. I'll call him and bleed his ears out by screeching like a banshee.NOT.
He's pretty cool about getting back to a reader though. So just go over and say hi. 
And leave a comment here about what you thought about the story!

P.S. I was listening to Poker Face by Lady GaGa while writing this post...


  1. Thank you for your kind words. Though I think that 'caustic' is only half accurate.

    And I've written only the other short story. And my blog is weird.

  2. And 'caustic' is also half inaccurate

  3. Oh my goodness, this is such a cool story! Lady Luck and Cupid seem completely human. Thanks for sharing this!